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The Library Room

The library of the house  was the last room of the suite which could be accessed either from the Green Room or from the Committee Room. This is where the rich library of the Nabokov family was stored that included more that 10 000 volumes. Unfortunately, no photographs of the rooms in the Nabokovs’ time are available so we can only guess about the location of the many bookcases and other furniture in the room. What we definitely know is that there was a fireplace in the wall opposite to the windows which probably looked very much like the surviving fireplace in the boudoir on the second floor.

As we know from Speak, Memory the library room was also the place where the male family members practiced boxing and fencing.







«Прошли еще годы – и вот держу в руках обнаруженный
в Нью-Йоркской Публичной Библиотеке экземпляр каталога
отцовских книг, который был отпечатан еще тогда, когда они стояли, плотные
и полнокровные, на дубовых полках,
и застенчивая
в пенсне работала над картотекой
в неприметном углу».

«Другие берега»