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The Dining Room

The dining room of the Nabokov House consisted of two parts connected by a double arch (removed in the Soviet time).

The three windows looked out on the street. The interiors of the dining room are quite well preserved compared to the other rooms. The lower parts of walls are  lined with  walnut tree  panels, the ceilings are  inlaid with types of wood and  the space between the panels and the ceiling was once upholstered with  dark brown "Cordova" tooled leather. The leather disappeared sometime in the 1930s or 1940s as did the disappeared the fireplace. The inlaid wooden floor of the room repeated the pattern on the ceiling. A trial clearing shows that the floor needs restoration which is planned in the future.


« [...] проглотив чашку какао в столовой на нижнем этаже, я оттуда кидался, уже надевая пальто, через зеленую залу (где мандаринами и бором пахло так долго после Рождества), по направлению к «библиотечной», откуда доносились топот и шарканье...»

«Другие берега»