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The "Committee" Room

The room was called the Committee Room as it was often used for the meetings of the Constitutional Democratic Party committee. Vladimir D. Nabokov was one of the leaders of the party and the head of the party faction in the First State Duma, the Russian Parliament elected in 1905. He was also a co-editor of the party daily newspaper Rech and the author of many front-page articles there.

The room in its present condition has no original decor left so since 2002 it has  been used as an exhibition hall.

“In a committee room, next to the library, at a long baize-covered table… my father and his colleagues would gather to discuss some phase of their opposition to the Tsar. Above the hubbub of voices, a tall clock in a dark corner would break into Westminster chimes; and beyond the committee room were mysterious depths…”

Vladimir Nabokov, Speak, Memory









«Заседания часто происходили у нас в доме, и о том, что такое заседание должно было состояться, всегда говорило доносившееся из швейцарской жужжанье особого снаряда, несколько похожего на зингеровскую машину, с колесом, которое за ручку вращал швейцар Устин, занимаясь бесконечной очинкой "комитетских" карандашей… ».

«Другие берега»