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The Boudoir

This room on the second floor was the boudoir of Elena Ivanovna, Vladimir Nabokov’s mother.  In the second-floor suite it precedes the bedroom which is the farthest room towards the St. Isaac’s Square and where Vladimir Nabokov was born.

The  boudoir retains its original ceiling,  decorative wooden panels on the walls, window frames with original copper fittings, doors above which we can see the monogram of Elena Nabokova “EN”. There is still a working wooden fireplace – the only remaining fireplace  in the house. The most notable feature of the room is the “oriel” window described by Nabokov in his memoir.

“My mother’s boudoir had a convenient oriel for looking out on the Morskaya in the direction of Maria Square. With lips pressed against the thin fabric that veiled the windowpane I would gradually taste the cold of the glass through the gauze.

Vladimir Nabokov, Speak, Memory





«Я там родился – в последней (если считать по направлению к площади, против нумерного течения) комнате, на втором этаже – там, где был тайничок
с материнскими драгоценностями: швейцар Устин лично повел к нему восставший народ через все комнаты в ноябре 1917 года».

«Другие берега»